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The Policy Lab (sm)

321 Columbus Avenue
Seventh Floor of the Electric
Carriage House
Boston, MA 02116
United States of America
Telephone: +1 617 440 4409


The Policy Lab supports a rich, multidisciplinary, and cooperative research program closely coordinated with the academic community and in concert with numerous universities world-wide. Our research program contributes to the public and academic literatures as it enriches the quality of our services.




The Policy Lab’s research and design services are project-based and driven by an ethos of problem-solving. An international network of Fellows, Associates and Interns work with the firm from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Project teams are tailored to specified research and design challenges and work through in-house “best process approaches” to generating and applying knowledge to strategy and policy design and practice.




Local knowledge for local action is no longer something nice to know. It is the cornerstone of what we need to know. The Policy Lab specializes in The Three Ds: Diagnose, Design, Deliver. Our teams cooperatively and rigorously generate needed local knowledge; turn local knowledge into a strategic asset for the design of local action, and deliver solutions with both clients and the communities they aim to serve. Working together, we reduce barriers, create conditions, and design solutions for sustainable success, achieving positive impact and reducing risk for clients and communities alike.