The Policy Lab (sm)

321 Columbus Avenue
Seventh Floor of the Electric
Carriage House
Boston, MA 02116
United States of America
Telephone: +1 617 440 4409


The Policy Lab is a team of senior experts with extensive experience of working with some of the world's most complex challenges. We are operated by a core staff, Fellows, Associates and Interns - (see left menu)

Fellows: The Policy Lab’s research and development activities benefit from the insight, wisdom, and guidance of associated Fellows. Through their research and professional advice, Fellows help create the conditions for more successful solutions offered by The Policy Lab. Fellow positions are held by advanced Ph.D. students, research scholars, and seasoned practitioners with a shared commitment to improving strategic engagement with stakeholder communities and local contexts. 

Associates: The Policy Lab’s consulting services are project-based and driven by a problem-solving ethos. We work with a network of leading practitioners from a variety of different backgrounds and disciplines. Our project teams are assembled around a specified design challenge, and the team competencies are selected based on the scope, needed talents, and requirements of the project. The Policy Lab’s Associates regularly represent the firm in academic, diplomatic, and professional settings.

Interns: The Policy Lab creates educational opportunities for students from all over the world. The international internship Program (IIP) allows students to work with The Policy Lab from a distance through the creative use of information, communication and technology (ICT) solutions for oversight, productivity and student development.

The internship program provides advanced undergraduate and graduate students with access to new professional networks, processes, thematic challenges, and experiences on matters of policy design and programming. In return, The Policy Lab benefits by remaining up to date with the latest thinking from the academy, fostering interest in the next generation of scholars and practitioners, and gaining their assistance in the daily work of the organization.

All internship applications need to be delivered through the proper channels of their universities. If your university does not yet have a relationship with The Policy Lab, please have the internship coordinator contact us to begin discussions.

The working language of the organization is English, and all students are expected to have a level of proficiency appropriate to the nature of work they hope to do.